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Joe's original images are initially made with a large format camera resulting in original 4” x 5” transparencies or negatives.  The fine resolution, detail and tonality of the larger size original cannot be matched for large prints by any 35mm camera.  Then, Joe’s 4" x 5" transparencies or negatives are scanned and converted into digital form by an extremely high resolution drum scanner.  These digital files contain much more information than digital captures from 35mm cameras. Joe next works with Adobe Photoshop to make minor tonal, contrast and color adjustments. Once a master digital file is finalized the image is printed using a Lightjet 5000 custom high end printer. The Lightjet 5000 utilizes the latest state-of-the-art digital printing process by having a laser project the digital image onto Fuji Crystal Archive Matte Paper. The photographic paper is then processed through traditional photographic chemistry. This method results in greater resolution, especially in larger prints. Fuji Crystal Archive Paper is highly archival (70+ years).  The new matte paper has a wonderful tonal range. There are no other processes that result in a true photographic print, optical or digital, or that equal the Lightjet for color quality, sharpness, image control, and longevity.