Fine Landscape Photography: Ghosts...Archaeology In Real Time

Ghosts...Archaeology In Real Time is project of portraits of abandoned houses in the Rust Belt. I have a background in archaeology and Ghosts gave me the rare opportunity to observe these structures in the process of returning to the earth.  Instead of digging to find archaeological treasures, these subjects are history in the making, unfolding right in front of my eyes.

Artists can find beauty in the worst places.  These hauntingly beautiful empty homes resemble the skeletal structure of the human body, housing and holding together the heart, emotions, soul, faith, mind, pains and pleasures of life.  Capsules of memories…celebration, family, laughter and crying. Places where growth occurs and secrets are held.  What stories lie beneath these bones?  The human blood is long gone.  As each home becomes vacant society loses an important thread to its existence. Similar to a rug or a piece of clothing, the more threads that are lost, the less stable the society. In Ghosts, the viewer sees nature slowly taking hold, reclaiming its stake to the earth.  Feral pheasants run wild around these homes……Places soon to be forgotten…..Ashes to Ashes… Dust-to-Dust.